Bonus Episode – The Dead Tongues Interview

Usually when we write the body of the podcast, we tend to keep it non-personal but for this one I felt the need to change it up. This is Nic by the way.

A couple weeks ago I chatted with Ryan Gustafson, the mastermind behind The Dead Tongues. Ryan’s an amazing musician, his musical arc has brought him from the quasi alternative world to something closer to experimental folk today.

In the interview we chat about learning how to play the banjo, playing live on the Seth Meyers set. the process of recording his newest record Unsung Passage and much moreThe record is out today on Psychic Hotline, their first ever release. I

If you’ve been listening to this podcast regularly (or if you know me) you probably know that folk music in it’s various forms isn’t a genre of music I am drawn to easily. However, when I heard ‘Won’t Be Long’ when it premiered on Stereogum I was hooked. There is something vulnerable about this album while being soothing. When I listen to it, it almost feels meditative. i somehow have this sense of calm and balance coming out of the experience. The instrumentation is beautiful, from winds, banjos, to various percussion elements, the work feels very organic. Maybe because of the way it was recorded. I would encourage everyone to go check it out and if you have a chance check out The Dead Tongues on tour. I’ve seen Ryan play live a few times and it’s always a treat. The Dead Tongues are opening for Ben Howard on his European dates and I am sure a North American tour of The Dead Tongues is in the works.

With that enjoy the interview and let us know what you think!

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